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・UK Version DVD is released on May 9th.
2005.1.28 02:55/情報ソース:Anime-On-Line, Natsuki Anime/信頼度:確定

MVM announces that the releas date of UKversion Fullmetal Alchemist DVD is May 9th,2005, and the price is £ 19.99.
I could not find out the information aboutdetails, but it seems that it includes episode1-4, and spoken language is English (FUNimation'sdubbing) ,Japansese and English subtitles,as well as FUNi's North American version.Although FUNimation releases Starter Setwhich contains tin artbox and Original SoundTrack CD with DVD, it is still unclear thatwhether MVM also releases such thing or not.