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・DVD Vol.1 is released on Apr. 13 in Australia.
2005.2.16 18:12/情報ソース:Madman Entertainment/信頼度:確定

Madman Entertainment has announced that Australian version of DVD Volume 1 will be released on Apr. 13, 2005. The contents are exactly same as FUNimation's North American version, and Limited Edition which includes Collectors Tin Box and Original Sound Track 1 will be also released as well as America.
The price of normal version is AUD $29.95, and Limited edition is AUD $49.95.

Australian Fullmetal Alchemist official site is HERE.

Madman Entertainmentによると、オーストラリア版DVD第1巻は2005/4/13に発売されるとのこと。内容はFUNimationの北米版と全く同じで、金属製収納ボックスとサントラ1巻が付いた限定版も北米同様発売される。