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・Odex has got a Singapore license of anime.
2005.3.29 21:58/情報ソース:Starhub/信頼度:確定

It turned out that Odex has got a license of anime version in Singapore, and they have start TV broadcasting on E City - Channel 56, Starhub Cable Vision.
The broadcasting was premiered on 9 March 2005, and after that it is airing on every weekday at 6:30PM.
The encores are every Tuesday - Saturday at 12:30AM and every weekday at 09:30AM.
Speaking language is Japanese, and it is probably subtitled in English and Chinese.

For DVD release, there is no information at this time.

アニメ版のシンガポールでのライセンスをOdexが取得し、スターハブ・ケーブル・ビジョンの「E City」(Ch.56)でのTV放映を開始していた事が分かった。